Meet Susan Lassiter-Lyons, Host of Total Returns

I was doing exactly what millions of successful Americans are doing.

I’d worked hard and built financial success, founding and managing my own private equity fund, and advising real estate investors, a subject I literally wrote the book on.

So, I did what the financial advisors tell you to do. I put my money into an IRA and the company 401k, while I took on “good debt”, the mortgage on a huge house with all the trimmings. Complete with a 12′ custom wet bar, theater with a 120″ screen, gym, and the latest “smart” gadgets.

By deliberate choice, I don’t live in that house anymore.

Now I live in a smaller property, semi-retired after a 29-year career, with my wife and our dogs. And I’ve entirely re-shaped my investment strategy to support a better life.

I founded The Income Investors and host the Total Returns podcast to tell you how.

But first I need to tell you why.

How do you define the “good life?”

In early 2017 I experienced one of life’s big losses when my mother passed away unexpectedly.

I met my responsibilities and finalized all of mom’s financial affairs.

Sorting through paperwork, and one tough phone call after another, I was shocked to discover that my mother had less than $200 to her name.

We learn our work ethic from our parents.

They work hard all their lives.

They do all the things financially that, as responsible adults, we are told to do.

But it turns out the financial advice we’re sold as “secure” is anything but.

As the economy has changed at high speed, and with the financial shocks of 2008, many older people, like my mom, lost out.

We have to learn to do better.

We all want to live a good life, and none of us wants to end up in poverty.

But to do both we have to think for ourselves, especially about money.

Wall Street has a habit of rigging the game against individual players like you and me.

Following the standard advice is a great way to get nowhere…fast.

Since learning this lesson I have entirely rebuilt my investment strategy around a much different way of thinking.

You need to be compounding.

The standard financial advice most people follow is good for banks and other big players.

That’s because it’s deliberately designed to give them the benefit of a powerful financial tool, while you miss out.

That tool is called compounding.

It’s the secret to the fortunes of some of the world’s richest people, up to and including Warren Buffett.

And it’s one of the tools at the heart of everything we teach in our I12 Income Acceleration System here at The Income Investors.

Here’s compounding how it works:

Say I invest $5,000 into an investment that yields a 13% dividend (we have several in our portfolios).

In year one, those $5,000 dollars I put to work have done a great job earning $650 more dollars.

That’s a passive return, meaning I don’t have to do anything for it – it just automatically gets deposited in my account.

In year two, my $5,650 is now earning that 13% and since I have more dollars out there working for me, I earned more income – $734.50 to be exact – and now I have $6,384.50 dollars working for me.

In year three, my $6,384.50 is now earning that same 13% and returning even MORE income – $829.99.

As an “income investor” you now make a choice.

Continue to reinvest the income earned OR take the cash and spend it on bills (boo) or something fun (yay!).

Either way, your initial investment is still working for you.

A community of income investors.

Many of us see storm clouds over the future of the economy.

When the market is going down, worrying about where to put your money can cause great anxiety.

Here’s the good news – our investments are structured to weather those inevitable market storms.

In fact, we usually make MORE income when the markets crash.

When I founded the Income Investors I wanted to bring together a community of like-minded people who believed in working together to build a great lifestyle.

And I started this podcast to spread the word to a whole new audience.

Thanks for listening!