How to Make Peer to Peer Loans for Income – TR010

Today I’m sharing a relatively new income investment strategy that’s simple, high-yielding, doesn’t require a stock brokerage account (because it’s not in the stock market) and has a super low minimum investment amount. It’s called Peer to Peer Lending or p2p for short. This Week’s Total Return: 29.79% 17.53% capital gains + 12.26% income yield. In … Read more

I12 Income Acceleration System – TR002

Learn all about the I12 Income Acceleration System of income investing. The simple investment strategy, developed by financial coach Susan Lassiter-Lyons, pays you instant income, gives you raises when markets crash, and beats the S&P 500 returns by more than 400%. Making money one way is… great. But making money three ways is AWESOME! Susan Lassiter-Lyons … Read more